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Center for Student Success

The mission of CSS is to help students thrive at Oakwood University and beyond, by providing academic and transitional support. Utilizing a holistic approach, we develop services that empower students to take responsibility for their learning.

Programs and Services

Early Alert & Consult
Academic Advising

The goal of academic advising is to help each student follow an individualized path through the curriculum, allowing that student to meet his or her personal, professional, and academic goals.

Advisers also serve as a primary point of contact with the University. Students should always inform their Advisers if they are experiencing particular problems in class, suffering health issues that interfere with their studies, or are encountering other unforeseen events that pose a challenge to their academic success. Advisers work with their students to resolve the issues, often seeking assistance from administrators or partner offices, as necessary.

Beyond academics, Advisers also provide guidance on achieving personal and professional goals. They often advise students on pursuits outside of the classroom and help students coordinate their academic choices with emerging career goals.

Academic & Financial Challenges

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Disability Services

Disability Services empowers students with disabilities to realize their academic and personal potential by facilitating equal access and coordinating accommodations and support services for eligible students. This approach is consistent with the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and places an emphasis on a student’s ability and independence. Click Here for more info

Student Empowerment Workshops and Seminars

Student Empowerment workshops and seminars are multi-media presentations on academic and non-academic topics that assist students in their education and career endeavors.

Center for Student Success Workshops

STAR Program

Spring 2018

Workshop                                        Presenters                                        Date                         Location                                    Time

ü Time Management                   Peer Mentors                                  3/22/18                    Cunningham Hall                5:30 PM

Room 334-337

3) Test-Taking/Study Skills           Student Workers                            4/5/18                       Cunningham Hall                5:30 PM

Room 334-337

4) Career Exploration                    CSS Staff                                           4/12/18                    Cunningham Hall                5:30 PM

& Mapping                                                                                                                                  Room 334-337

5) Managing Stress & Anxiety     TBD                                                    4/19/18                    Cunningham Hall                5:30 PM

6) Tutoring Blitz                              Tutors                                                4/24-26/18              Library                                    Evenings

Academic Intervention

Many students experience some form of academic difficulty during their college career. Some students may simply struggle through a class or two or maybe through a single term. For others, academic difficulty may be more severe and/or long lasting. Whatever the situation, the Academic Intervention Program’s mission is to help students overcome the difficulties they have been experiencing and place them back on the path to fulfilling their educational goals.

Student Taking Academic Responsibility(STAR) – STAR retention initiative was created based on a need to retain students who are in academic jeopardy or who would have been previously suspended. Its focus is to reconnect students to the school and to educate them academically, spiritually and emotionally. The objective of this program is to offer strategies that provide student success.

First Year Experience & Advising

FYEA provides programs and services that support students’ academic success and personal adjustment to university life.


Tutoring is offered for a variety of subjects to all enrolled students. Depending on the course, we offer one-to-one and small group tutoring.

STAR (Students Taking Academic Responsibility) – Peer Assisted Study Groups
The STAR program offers small group peer-led study sessions for multiple courses each semester. The sessions are led by students who have previously excelled in the course and have been selected and trained for the position. The STAR leader offers several study sessions weekly, permitting currently enrolled students to review content, ask questions, discuss issues, and employ effective studying strategies.

Tutoring for Website Fall 2018

Peer Mentoring
We’re looking for Oakwood sophomores, juniors and seniors who are community-minded, goal oriented, self-aware and empowering to mentor underclassmen. We want incoming students to feel a sense of community at Oakwood, to develop and work towards academic and professional goals, to be self-aware enough to always be improving, and to feel empowered to be all they’re called to be. If you have a GPA of at least 3.0, are in good social standing, and you want to be the type of mentor every college freshman can use, please apply below!

To apply to be a mentor, fill out the form below or visit BeAMentor.


Reading & Writing Lab

The Writing Lab assists students with all levels of writing. Students receive tutoring from peers who provide direction at every stage of the writing process, including beginning a paper, writing a thesis, organizing ideas, using APA style, or simply getting feedback from a second pair of eyes.

The Reading Lab is designed to improve students’ comprehension, vocabulary, and study skills through individualized and computer-assisted instruction.

Faculty & Staff Consultation

Consultation is available for faculty and staff who may have specific questions or concerns about a student or need information about how to intervene with an individual. CSS aims to collaborate with all parties invested in students’ academic success.