The Department of Health Science and Exercise Science provides faculty, staff, and students with physical pursuits that will enhance their mental, social, personal, and spiritual dimensions.

The Department prepares students for graduate school and employment by offering curricula with instruction in health education, fitness and a variety of physical activity and theory courses. These courses are designed to promote healthful living and physical fitness, as well as knowledge and skill development.



  • Fitness and Wellness (B.S.)
  • Health and Physical Education Teaching (B.S.)
  • Health Science (B.S.)


  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Health and Physical Education



PE 101 : Physical Education

This course focuses on understanding exercise and its effect on the body. Cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility are improved through a variety of conditioning activities.


PE 205 : Standard First Aid and CPR

This course will prepare the student to recognize emergencies and how to respond to them. It will also provide an in-depth study of CPR, including practice sessions on a mannikin. Participation in all class activities is required.


PE 310 : Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

This course will present an evidence-based approach to corrective exercise, the components of a comprehensive solution, and the practical know-how to develop and implement integrated strategies to improve common movement impairments. Students completing the required standards of this course will be issued the NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist credentialing. Prerequisite: BI 111. (formerly Athletic Injuries) Offered alternate years. Prerequisites: EN 112, PE 205 and BI 111.



Alumni News

Camille Moore '16, (pictured to the right of former President Obama), will graduate with a Masters of Science from Carnegie Mellon University, Heinz College School of information Systems in May, 2018. After graduating from Oakwood with a BA in international studies,...

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Happy New Year 2018

Greetings from Dr. Cynthia Powell-Hicks, '76 , President of the Oakwood University Alumni Association (2nd from left), and her family: (l-r) James Rodriques '13 ; Kyndall Powell Hicks Rodriques, '14 ; Dr. Calvin Hicks (seated); Dr. Allycin Powell-Hicks White, '05;...

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Alumni News

Dr. DeShawn Preston, ’11 , serves as a Higher Education Research Fellow at the Southern Education Foundation , where he primarily researches issues pertaining to developmental education and advancing opportunities for historically marginalized groups in education....

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The 107 Website Features Oakwood’s Monument

The 107 Website Features Oakwood's Monument As Confederate monuments and statues begin to finally be removed in many cities across the US, debates arise regarding how we 'honor' history and who should be honored with memorials. If anyone is looking for more...

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