Antique cars on display during Alumni Weekend.


Enter to Learn. Depart to Serve.

Every Oakwoodite knows this motto and lives it every day! We are proud of you and it is our pleasure to serve YOU.

Alumni Relations is here to keep you connected to the school you love and to the people you cherish. We know the connections made here are for a lifetime. Each generation has unique memories, sayings, foods, fashions, and yet there is a commonality that binds us together in the unique experience that is Oakwood. Whether it was Oakwood Industrial, Oakwood Manual Training, Oakwood Jr. College, Oakwood College, or Oakwood University – we’ve all shared in the dream of a people and are living proof of God’s providential hand over these “hallowed grounds”.

The Office of Alumni Relations creates many ways for alumni to participate in the life and vitality of Oakwood University.  Through increased engagement, alumni will help Oakwood move forward and secure its position in the nation and the world.  Stay connected to your beloved alma mater by updating your contact information by calling (256) 726-7039 or by completing the contact form below.

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Vendor Application & Sales Certificate Form


Any person or organization desiring to sell products on the Oakwood University campus during Alumni Homecoming weekend, whether as fundraising project or as an entrepreneur venture, MUST receive permission, in advance of the sale, from the office of Alumni Relations. Only one booth space per listed fee.

Please list product description, quantity, unit price and amount.


Payment MUST be postmarked by April 7, 2018 for discounted rate to apply. Last day to submit all payment and forms is April 11, 2018. Any cancellation made after April 11, 2018 will result in a 50% charge to be deducted from the amount paid.


1. The sale of ornamental jewelry such as necklaces, rings, nose rings, earrings (including string, metal, plastic, leather, or wooden posts, etc.), and ankle, arm, or wrist bracelets is prohibited.
2. FOOD items cannot be sold. ANY persons found selling food will be escorted off the premises immediately.
3. Items displaying the name, logo, or seal of Oakwood University cannot be sold.
4. Permission in writing from the legal department of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists must be received before any item can be sold that displays the name “Seventh-day Adventist”, or any form of it.
5. If the sale is in connection with the annual homecoming weekend, permission must be received from the Director of Alumni Relations of the university.
6. No item can be sold in direct competition with the merchandise that the university sells in the bookstore, market, or other campus industries.
7. The university reserves the right to restrict the areas on the campus where the sale can be conducted and the items must be sold in those areas only.
8. If approval is granted, and a designated area is assigned, the university is not responsible for cancellation of sale due to bad weather, or any other events beyond its control.
9. A vendor badge must be worn at all times and an approval certificate must be presented to campus safety officers on demand. Anyone not wearing a vendor badge and not able to present an approved certificate will be considered as unauthorized and will be removed.
10. The sale of bootleg/illegal copies of music of any type of music is strongly prohibited, and may be subject to prosecution.


All Village participants must reserve their booth by paying the following rates:
• $150 - General Fee before March 4th, 2018
• $175 - General Fee by March 18th, 2018
• $75 - Student/Employee Fee before March 4th, 2018
• $90.00 - Student/Employee Fee before March 18th, 2018

Methods of Payment
• Cash
• Check or Money Order
• Credit Card On-line

ANY Cancellation after March 18th, 2018 will result in a 50% deduction refund.

Contact Us

Richard Hodnett
Assistant Director for Alumni Relations and Marketing

Telephone: 256.726.7663
Fax: 256.726.8337

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