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By Bresean Davidson, Intern

The Experience

The Worship Experience at the Oakwood University ChDr. Leslie Pollard Addressing Students of Oakwood University on University Dayurch on January 20, 2018, featured a special University Day, with University administrators participating in every aspect of the service.
The special music was the beautiful singing of the world-renown Aeolians, and the children’s chapel with showcased everyone’s favorite puppet ministry, featuring Oakwood students and Oakwood University Church Staff performing behind the scenes.
But what really stole the show was when speaker President Leslie N. Pollard broke out into a special performance of a spoken word/rap during his sermon title “Mind Your Head: The Battle for Your Mind.” After exclaiming that he would be trying his hand at spoken word for the sake of preaching to young people, Pollard spoke lyrically on the topic of Jesus being the rock in our lives.

The Response

Students' jubilant response to the President's rousing sermon
Some young people in attendance responded by saying, “It was a nice change of pace for us. It’s always great to see the elder generation connecting with the younger generation on our level.” One member of the Aeolians said, “Pollard’s spoken word was interesting, and only got better with each new line. The cherry on top was when he began to speak in Spanish. That set the bar even higher.” The choir and congregation began to applaud before Dr. Pollard even finished.