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Many institutions offering dietetic degree programs offer case studies to fill the gap between didactic learning and opportunities integrating real-work-world experiences.

Back Row (L-R): Dr. Eli Marin, Lindsay Goldthorpe, Dr. Lisa Dalrymple, Kayla Hall, Krovoy Whymns, Brianna Holiday. Front Row (L-R): Dr. Joycelyn Peterson, Leighann Rice, Holly Forbes, Stacey Samuel

Students in Oakwood’s ND440 Medical Nutrition Therapy II class this semesters are the first students in Alabama to be able to join other dietitians on staff at Huntsville Hospital and dietetic faculty in performing hands-on aspects of the nutrition care process and debriefing as a part of the team.
Dietetic students will be participating in patient assessment and nutrition care plan documentation activities at Huntsville Hospital.
“This is a dream come true!” commented Dr. Jocelyn Peterson, Chair of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department at Oakwood, who has been working at making this a reality for some time. One of Oakwood’s didactic program in dietetic graduates, Juliana Draper, has tirelessly developed a schedule with Huntsville Hospital’s Dietetics Director that allows students many opportunities to not only observe nutrition-focused physical exams, but also participate in the exams in the clinical setting.
The students will be able to not only receive some training on the hospital’s
electronic medical record (EMR) system, and will also be able

Back Row (L to R): Kayla Hall, Lindsay Goldthorpe, Holly Forbes, Diane Tremble-Ball, Juliana Draper, Dr. Lisa Dalrymple, Dr. Eli Marin, Brianna Holiday. Front Row (L to R): Leighann Rice, Stacey Samuel, Krovoy Whymns.

to conduct nutrition assessments, practice documenting in the EMR, and debrief with staff.