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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What do I do if I can’t remember the password to login to MyOakwood?
You can send an e-mail to registrar@oakwood.edu to request a password. Be sure to include your student ID and date of birth. If you do not remember your student ID, you must include your social security number and date of birth. The Registrar’s office request students use the official Oakwood University e-mail system for all official correspondence. Use of an outside e-mail service (i.e. AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) may delay the response to your request. You will receive a response within 1-3 business days.

If I am having difficulty registering online who can I contact?
For technical support call (256) 726-7353 or email at registrar@oakwood.edu

How do I Change my Personal Data such as, name, address, etc.
To change your address with Oakwood University, you must submit a Change of Address form along with the appropriate documentation. Here are the steps to follow:

  •        Download the Change of Address form from the web.
  •        Complete the form.
  •        Attach the appropriate documentation as listed on the form.
  •        Mail or Fax the form and documentation to the Registrar’s office at Oakwood University.
  •        FAX number is (256) 726-7199. You may also come in person to the address listed below. The same applies for change of your name and major.

If additional questions, please call 256-726-7353, email registrar@oakwood.edu, or come by the office at 7000 Adventist Blvd Huntsville, AL 35896.

How do I change my major?
To change your major, stop by the Registrar’s office for a Change of Major form. The form must be completely filled-out – the required personal information, the current major/minor information at the top half of the form, and the changes to the bottom half of the form. If the major change results in a change of advisor, both advisors must sign the form. The completed form should be taken to the Registrar’s office for entry. Changes are posted within 1-3 business days.

How do I run my Degree Audit online?
Your Degree Audit is available under MyOakwood account. You will need your ID number and pin/password in order to login. If your degree audit is not available please contact the Registrar’s Office at (256) 726-7353 or email at registrar@oakwood.edu. Your Degree Audit is also available to your advisor.

If I need to research a previous drop/add form, whom do I contact?
Contact the Registrar’s office at (256) 726-7353 and speak with any representative to make the request or email to registrar@oakwood.edu and a representative will respond within 24 hours.

How do I request for Change of Grade?
You must first contact your instructor and if he or she is in agreement they will initiate the request and get the correct signatures. The final change will be made in the Registrar’s office.

If I am a Returning Student from a previous semester what is the next step?
Click here to download the Returning Student Application. Mail the form or drop it off at the Registrar’s office along with a $15.00 readmit fee. Your application will be processed within 5 to 7 days. No Personal Checks.

Is advising necessary to register online?
Yes. Advising is necessary to register online and necessary when dropping and adding a course from your schedule. The advisor must be made aware of all changes to your schedule.

What do I need to register online?
You will need your student ID number and password/pin number to log into your account.

What are the hours for registering and/or making changes to your schedule online?
The hours may vary during each registration. The Registrar’s office will always make you aware of what the times and days are for registration via postcards, email, flyers, etc.

What is Online Registration or Web Registration?
Online registration is the way to register for classes on the Web. You can register online via MyOakwood. Online Registration offers several advantages:

  • Add sections directly from the Course Search;
  • See classes that are currently open;
  • Print your schedule;
  • Drop a section by clicking a button.
  • Pay your bill

How do I go about withdrawing from Oakwood University?
You must complete a Withdrawal or Terminal Leave form. This form can be picked up at the Financial Aid office.

How do I find the dates of the Exam Schedule for each semester?
The Exam Schedule for each semester can be found on our webpage or clicking our link here.

Adventist Colleges Abroad FAQs

What is the course number for ACA?
Fall – AP 311
Spring – AP 312
Summer – AP 313

I am interested in studying abroad. What should I do?
Get an ACA Application from the Registrar’s office and fill it out completely. All signatures, pictures, and the original application fee receipt ($25.00 for summer, $100.00 for school year, even if 1 semester only) must be included. The student must also register for the program by submitting a registration form along with the ACA Application to Registrar’s Office.

What happens after I submit my ACA Application?
The ACA office will contact the student.

How can I contact the ACA Office?
Visit http://www.aca-noborders.org or call (301) 680-6444.

How do I pay?
All financial matters are handled through Student Accounts. Students must be financially cleared before leaving.

How will my grades be posted?
When the ACA office receives the grades, the official transcript will be sent directly to the Registrar’s Office. Grades are posted within 1-2 days of receipt. NOTE: ACA credits are in quarter hours and will be converted to semester hours.

How will this affect my enrollment and/or student loans?
All ACA students are given full-time status, so loans should be deferred.

If I am receiving a scholarship, may I use it while participating in ACA?
You have the option to use your scholarship while at ACA. However, academic scholarships are only for 4 years. So, if you participate in ACA for a year and use your scholarship, you will not be eligible for the scholarship your last year at Oakwood if more than 4 years.

Cooperative Education Program FAQs

Who can participate in the Cooperative Education Program (COOP)?
COOP is for students who desire to take a course that is unavailable at Oakwood for a given semester. The student must be a full-time student, overall average must be 2.00 or higher, and the request must be approved by the advisor and other appropriate personnel.

What are the procedures if I want to COOP a class?

  1. Obtain a COOP Form from the Registrar’s office. 2.
  2. Fill out the form completely. The course name, number, day(s), and time from the visiting school must be included. Also, to receive proper credit, the Oakwood equivalent must be indicated.
  3. Secure all signatures. If the class is outside of the major, the Department Chair for that area must sign as the related department.
  4. Register for the COOP Class (course# is CP 300). If the student has already registered, the COOP Class must be added before bringing the form to the Registrar’s office.

What should I do after the COOP Form is submitted to the Registrar’s Office?
Go to class. If the class is full or there is a problem, the visiting school will notify the Registrar’s Office and you will be informed immediately. A local contact number should be indicated on the COOP Form.

Do I need to pay at the visiting school?
The COOP class is part of the Oakwood schedule, so payment is made here.

What if I choose to drop the COOP Class?
Since the class is on the Oakwood schedule, the student must complete a Drop/Add Form and submit it (with signatures) to the Registrar’s office. The visiting school will be notified that the class has been dropped and the instructor will be informed. NOTE: The student should not just stop going to class! Failure to follow these procedures could result in a grade of “FA” or “F” from the visiting school.

Why am I not on the roster at the visiting school?
Since you are a visiting student, you will not be listed on the roster at the other school. However, the COOP Form has been sent to that school’s Registrar’s office, who should inform the instructor. Let the instructor know that you are a visiting student and ask to be “penciled in” on the roll. The other schools do not use the term “COOP” so that could cause confusion. If problems persist, call the Registrar’s office at Oakwood.

How will I get the grade when the class is over?
A grade sheet will be sent to the visiting school’s Registrar’s office. When it is time for grades, that office will submit it to the appropriate instructor. All grade sheets will be returned to the Registrar’s office at Oakwood and will be posted to the transcript. NOTE: Schedule dates vary at other schools, so grades may not be available by the end of Oakwood’s semester.

OSAP (Canadian Forms) FAQs

Who will complete my Confirmation of Enrollment Form once it has been returned to me?
The Registrar’s office will certify enrollment with beginning and ending dates for your OSAP form.

Who will complete the Certificate of Loan/Grant Approval and Eligibility Form?
The Registrar’s office will certify this form.

Who will fill out my Program Information Form for OSAP?
The Registrar’s office will complete your for form each year. New students must be accepted before this form can be completed.

Who will complete my Education Amount Certificate?
The Registrar’s office will complete this form for IRS purposes.

Transfer Credit FAQs

I took a class during the summer, however I don’t see the grade on my Oakwood transcript. What should I do?
Request the school to send an official transcript to the Registrar’s office at Oakwood. Once it is received, the credit will be transferred according to the transient letter information. If a transient letter request was not submitted, the course(s) will be put into the computer as they appear on the transcript. However, an Oakwood department chair will have to evaluate the course(s), which will delay posting. Once the evaluation process is over, the course(s) will be visible on the Oakwood transcript.

How are courses evaluated for transfer students?
For new students, the Office of Admissions enters the courses into the system. Department chairs evaluate them and provide the Oakwood equivalent course numbers. Once this process is complete, the courses will be visible on the student’s transcript. If a course does not yet appear on the transcript, it might be awaiting evaluation. All transfer courses will appear in semester hours. For students already enrolled, the transfer courses are entered by the Registrar’s office. After being evaluated by the department chairs, the courses appear on the Oakwood transcript.

Transient Letter Request FAQ

Is it possible for me to receive a transient letter during the Fall and Spring semesters if I am not enrolled at Oakwood?
A transient letter is provided during times when school is not in session or attendance at colleges and universities that are over 50 miles of Huntsville during fall and spring semesters.

Once I have completed the course/s for the summer, what must I do about receiving the grades?
You must have an official transcript sent to this office to receive academic credit. Transient credit with grades below C- is unacceptable.

What should I do if I want to take courses at another institution during the summer?
Complete the Transient Request form listing all courses you would like to take. Provide the name and complete mailing address for the school. List all classes (course name and number). The Oakwood University equivalent course name and number must be given. Indicate whether or not the course is a repeat. Obtain signatures from your advisor, your department chairperson and the related department chairperson (if the class is outside your major). You are responsible for obtaining all required signatures. Each school requires a separate request form. Allow 3-5 days for processing. There will be a charge of $5.00 for faxing. All transients for local institutions must be picked up in the Registrar’s office for summer registration. All out of town transients will be mailed.

Verification Letter Request FAQ

What do I have to do to get a letter notifying the Embassy that I am graduating so that my Mother/Father or another relative can attend my graduation?
Complete the Verification Letter Request Form.

What should I do if I need to notify my lending agency that I am a Full-Time student?
Complete the Verification Letter Request Form.

What do I need to do to notify my parent’s medical insurance company that I’m currently enrolled?
Complete the Verification Letter Request Form and check the items that need to be verified, such as date/s of attendance, status and address. Provide complete mailing address of where and to whom the letter should be sent. Allow 2-4 working days for processing. There is a fee of $5.00 per faxed letter. No fee is required if it is an 800 number.

How can I get a letter stating that I have completed all requirements for my degree?
Complete the Verification Letter Request Form as indicated above.

How can I get a form completed that was sent to me for verification of my Full-Time enrollment?
Bring the form to the Registrar’s office and we will complete it for you.

I need a letter stating my enrollment status for a scholarship. What do I need to do?
Complete the Verification Letter Request Form.