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OULive students during Chapel

Oakwood LIVE!


Oakwood Live is a 5-day event that immerses prospective students into life at Oakwood University.

Visitors will:

  • Meet students from all over the world
  • Visit academic departments
  • Participate in social activities
Registration Information:
  1. Each person attending must complete the online registration form.
  2. Cost:  $65 per person (chaperones and students):  Registration is complete when payment has been received.
  3. For groups of ten or more, one chaperone per (10) students.

Chaperone Registration Section: (No refunds)

Each chaperone and student must register themselves; however, the head chaperone must enter the names of all the individuals attending the event (other chaperones and students).

  • Chaperone Registers (Chaperone registers self and has the option to pay for multiple people)

Student Registration Section: (No refunds)

  • Student Registers (Single Payment Option)

IF you registered, but needed to pay later, choose one of the following methods to pay now:

  • Pay by Phone (256) 726-8429
  • Pay by mail with either of the following:  Business/Certified check or Money order (No Personal Checks – Mail payment to:Oakwood University, Admissions & Recruitment, 7000 Adventist Blvd., Huntsville, AL  35896.)

If you have any questions regarding the process or problems registering, please call (256) 726-7356 or email us at

Travel Reimbursement

Click information on travel reimbursements for the following:

  • Bringing a minimum of 40 students by bus  
  • Bringing a minimum of five students (traveling together) by air.     

If you have questions regarding the information, please contact our office at 256-726-7356.

Chaperone and Housing

Housing Instructions to follow later.

Code of Conduct (please review it with your students)


Start now to submit Requirements for $500 Scholarship
Click What to Wear to know how to dress for October weather in Huntsville.

Contact Us

Phone: (256) 726-7356

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Events that occurred during the 5-day experience were Mock Trials, a Scavenger Hunt, A Day In the Life…, Concert, Choir Auditions and a Block Party to end all block parties. Take a look at some of the photos from our 2017 Oakwood LIVE! experience.