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The university bell tower

Physical Plant

Physical Plant provides scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for the mechanical and structural facilities of Oakwood University.  The mission inherently includes providing timely, courteous, and quality service to our many and varied customers. The Oakwood University structure consists of over 64 buildings including family and dormitory residences, office buildings, and classrooms.

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Services Provided:
1. Plumbing and Water services
2. Electrical Services
3. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
4. Coordinating, Planning, Quality Control, and Record keeping of all Major/Minor Construction/Renovation
5. Pest Control
6. General Maintenance and repair of all buildings (carpentry, painting, etc.)
7. Locksmith Services
8. Custodial Services
9. Grounds Service

Work Request:
Physical Plant has a new work order request submission service called “MySchoolBuilding.com” which allows WO to be submitted directly to the Physical Plant Department via the Internet.

Contact Us

Phone: (256) 726-7320
Fax: (256) 726-8421