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The original signage for Oakwood School.

Board of Trustees

Chairman/Vice Chairpersons/Secretary

Dan Jackson – Chairman, President, North American Division Silver Spring, MD

Leslie N. Pollard – Secretary, President, Oakwood University Huntsville, AL

Ron C. Smith – President, Southern Union Conference Decatur, GA

William L. Winston – President, South Atlantic Conference Atlanta, GA

Ralph Reid – Vice Chair, Layperson, Businessman Kansas City, MO

G. Alexander Bryant – Secretary, North American Division Silver Springs, MD


Roger Bernard – Interim President, Central States Conference Kansas City, KS

Larry Blackmer – Vice President, Education, N. American Division Silver Spring, MD

Meki Bracken – Young Alumnus Alexandria, VA

Virgil Childs – Director, Regional Affairs, Pacific Union Conference Westlake Vill., CA

William Cox – President, Allegheny West Conference Columbus, OH

Laura Davis – Layperson, Orthodontist Atlanta, GA

G. Tom Evans – Treasurer, North American Divison Silver Spring, MD

Henry Fordham – President, Allegheny East Conference Pine Forge, PA

Stephen Foster – Layperson, Journalist, Business Consultant Harvest, AL

Ricardo Graham – President, Pacific Union Conference Westlake Vill., CA

Stephen Gray – Layperson, Physician Birmingham, AL

William Hicks – Layperson, C-100 Representative Huntsville, AL

Daniel Honoré – President, Northeastern Conference Jamaica, NY

Mark Johnson – President, Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Canada Ohawa, Ontario Canada

Benjamin Jones – President, South Central Conference Nashville, TN

R. Clifford Jones – President, Lake Region Conference Chicago, IL

Zavon Kanion – Layperson, Dentist Loch Lloyd, MO

Alvin M. Kibble – Vice President, North American Division Silver Spring, MD

G. Earl Knight – President, Atlantic Union Conference S. Lancaster, MA

Valerie Lee – Layperson, Educator Columbus, OH

Gregory Mack – President, Southeastern Conference Mt. Dora, FL

Cynthia Powell-Hicks – President, National Alumni Association Anaheim, CA

Witford Reid – Layperson, Anesthesiologist Sebring, FL

Sergio Romero – Multicultural and Church Growth Dir. for Allegheny West Columbus, OH

Terry Shaw – President/CEO, Adventist Health System Sunbelt Orlando, FL

Maurice Valentine – President, Lake Union Conference Berrien Springs, MI

Calvin Watkins – President, Southwest Region Conference Dallas, TX

David Weigley – President, Columbia Union Conference Columbia, MD

David Williams – Layperson, Educator and Sociology Researcher Boston, MA

Ed Zinke – Retired, Theologian and Businessman Silver Spring, MD

(Vacant) – VP, Regional Affairs, North Pacific Union Conference

Advisory Board

Jim Davidson – Secretary, Southern Union Conference Decatur, GA

Trevor Fraser – Faculty, Oakwood University Huntsville, AL

Victoria Joiner – Faculty, Oakwood University Huntsville, AL

Lewis Jones – Staff, Oakwood University Huntsville, AL

Kenneth Manders – President, Bermuda Conference Hamilton, Bermuda

Carmela Monk Crawford – Editor, Message Magazine Hagerstown, MD

Larry Moore – President, Southwestern Union Conference Burleson, TX

Randy Robinson – Treasurer, Southern Union Conference Decatur, GA

Gary Thurber – President, Mid-America Union Conference Lincoln, NE

Emeritus Members

Lois Peters – Healthcare Entrepreneur Clarksville, MD

Benjamin Reaves – Retired President, Oakwood University Orlando, FL

Calvin B. Rock – Retired Chair, Board of Trustees, and Pastor Las Vegas, NV